Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just a rant post.

It's been a rough week for me. I'm going to take a moment to complain a "bit".

I've been having the hardest time getting back into keto since I moved back to my hometown. John and I had decided about two weeks ago that we were getting back into the lifestyle hardcore, and that nothing would stop us! Well, I'll tell you what has been stopping me: Sure laziness, and the lack of space. I will not deny that I've been eating junk carbs; cooking sucks in the kitchen made for ants. I take a step in the space and lose the will to cook, and it's really put a number on my body - bloated, weird sleeping pattern, weight gain, lack of desire to get up and do anything. Heck, I'm surprised my menstrual cycle hasn't called it quits yet! I am, once again, going in the opposite direction of Happyville, and straight back into the ghetto that is called Depression. I seriously need to figure out a keto system for John and I before I lose my damn mind.

I need to do something. I think, tomorrow, I'm going to reorganize and clean out the 'fridge and a cabinet, or just designate a spot on the counter for all my supplies. (This works well enough) If its in my view, I can't deny that I have the ability and need to cook real food! Now to tackling the laziness - Doesn't anyone else get tired of cooking? I'd love for my husband to cook for me, for once, but I'm the "designated" cook. The cook gets tired of cooking just the same as anyone else!

Preparing food ahead of time is something I really need to work on - including chopping and grinding necessary ingredients, thawing out and marinading meats, precook all food that can be safely cooked ahead of time, and figuring out the nutritional info. This will save my sanity, and give me something to do other than reaching for a pop tart or gorging on crackers when I'm bored and my blood sugar levels are low.

Look out for a flax seed cracker recipe tomorrow in a week. (Hur hur. And it's actually cereal because I change my mind a lot.). I haven't been a big fan of flax seed since John and I started cooking with it. I'm hoping these crackers the cereal come out tasty and not like kitty litter. Guess we'll find out. Thanks for reading, and I don't mind if you rolled your eyes at my complaints and excuses. I needed to vent my frustrations out. Just time to get back up, dust the dirt off, and keep moving forward!


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