Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Body Wants to Be Sith. Hell No, I say!

Ranty post, but I got to rant some where I guess. Why not my blog? Plus, writing this down holds me accountable - especially since my friends and family read this blog. I hope it will encourage them to not let me fall back into the mud.

I am accountable for my own action and inaction. It isn't anyone else's job to make me lose weight. It is all me. I've been doing the ketogenic diet for nearly two years now, and yet here I am back to nearly square one at 202.4 pounds. What had gone wrong? I can tell you that it is a number of things - Burning out from cooking all the time, moving, never having enough money (that has changed now that I have a real job), and just sheer laziness. I compare my douche canoe body to the dark side of the Force - it is trying to fight me always - trying to consume me.

Can I tell you I ate straight keto these past two years? Absolutely not, but 90 percent of the time, I have been in a state of ketosis with nothing to show for it, but bad breath, a better personality and less "I'm a crazy bitch thanks to sugar" moments. (At least having a better personality is a good thing, right? :P )

There is no time for excuses - If you want something, you strive for it; make it your goal to be a better person at the end of each day. It is a struggle. It is especially a severe struggle for me. Some folks can cut calories and lose all the weight without a problem - I can't. I have to be on top of my game with my calories, carbs, sugar, water consumption and how much I workout or I simply stagnate. It is the most frustrating thing ever. I see my friend already losing 50 pounds by eating keto, and she had just started doing the damn diet! I have been in a stall since my first pregnancy in 2013.

It makes me want to rip my hair out.

Instead, I'll cry for a minute, and go workout and continue to count my calories and carbs. The struggle is real, and I cannot let it eat me alive. That's a path I no longer want to take. I'm going to be the Jedi Master of my own body, I will bring it over from the dark side. I'm done letting it run the circus. It's my turn.

On that note - here's a HIIT workout for you to do today. I am doing it myself once I post this blog entry.

By the way, Fitness Blender is amazing. A lot of body weight workouts on their website. I'm so glad I discovered them because they make you work up a sweat at home! My gym membership is currently inactive at the moment, but I definitely plan on going back to weightlifting using the Strong Lifts 5x5 in two weeks. :D

<3 Squats <3

Stay Frosty, My Friends.


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